National Multifamily was launched to provide a best-in-class mid-market investment brokerage sales and multifamily real estate services.

Our primary focus is in the states of New York and Connecticut for multifamily real estate services. the company is additionally licensed in the states of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, and South Carolina.  Through national reach and local expertise, we provide apartment building owners a firm they can trust in multiple markets across the United States when selling or buying multifamily properties.

Our mission is to partner with sellers to help them realize their investment goals when it comes time to exit a multifamily property.  Our 1031 Exchange Identifier Program allows both our selling and external clients premier customer service to locate replacement properties through leveraging National Multifamily data with our professional marketing techniques in multiple markets across the nation.  Client satisfaction and a commitment to excellence in the sale and purchase of multifamily properties are our top priorities.

Investment Sales

At National Multifamily, our mission is to help multifamily investors, property owners, and brokers make smarter investment decisions. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results through our extensive experience and transparent approach to deals. Whether you're looking to buy or sell a multifamily property or...

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1031 Exchange Identifier

If you're looking to invest in apartment buildings or multifamily properties for sale, then it might be worth considering the benefits of a 1031 Exchange. In essence, 1031 Exchange laws can defer capital gains taxes by allowing investors to use the selling profits of a...

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